About Us

Law firms are rarely known as dynamic, personable places. But then, Bodyfelt Mount is not like most law firms. While many firms are expanding into every conceivable area of law, we have principally limited ourselves to what we do best: civil litigation. We have made a conscious decision to remain small. This way you won't get shuffled off to another echelon of lawyers you may not even know.

The sense of identity and involvement you will find at Bodyfelt Mount is also unique.

We have built our practice around a tightly knit group of attorneys with common interests and a genuine commitment to our individual clients and their cases. We are as much committed to emphasizing good health, physical fitness, recreation and family relationships as we are to quality legal practice. We view these separate interests as complementary and are proud to function with such remarkable individuals.

Our attorneys focus on getting results for our clients.

We provide cost-effective, result-focused work on behalf of our clients throughout Oregon and Washington.